Weekly Wrap #7 : Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

Weekly Wrap

I’ve become a total fangirl of the Color Me Pretty features by Leslie of A Creative Mint over at Decor8. The styling and palettes are simply gorgeous! One of my favorites so far has been the red, white, and brown theme, which features a completely awesome red felt coaster as a packaging embellishment, as well as two of my latest obsessions, twine and kraft paper, and one of my growing obsessions, doilies. Absolutely wonderful!

Color Me Pretty Gifts

Color Me Pretty Gifts

images from Leslie Shewing

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10 comments on “Weekly Wrap #7 : Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

  1. tina commented //

    I luv the doily idea. It really adds to the wrapping.

  2. Joanna commented //

    I love these ideas!

  3. Truly Smitten commented //


  4. This Lovely City commented //

    These are darling! I certainly wouldn’t mind receiving something this beautiful! XO.

  5. Adina commented //

    Awesome idea! That would be easy to personalize with Guatemalan textiles here… ok, now my wheels are turning.

  6. Missive commented //

    love this look for Valentine’s…or year round for that matter!

  7. Lunar Faith commented //

    how cute and beautiful

  8. Liz commented //

    I really like this color palette. Very pretty.

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