Little Brown Pen Printable Pamper Kits

Little Brown Pen Pamper Kit

After days upon days of rainy, dreary weather, I sure could use one of these printable Rainy Day Recipes Kits by Little Brown Pen. The stylish kit includes a Rainy Day Recipes envelope and four different recipe cards: Eat features a recipe for molten chocolate brownies; Drink features a recipe for spiced vanilla milk; Give includes four “fresh baked brownie” gift tags that you can cut out and use to share those awesome molten chocolate brownies with friends; and Pamper features a simple but effective recipe for an olive oil salt scrub.

If you know someone who’s in need of a little pampering, then this kit will definitely come in handy. Purchase and print the kit, whip up the brownies, milk, and scrub, and head over to their house with the goodies and the kit so your friend can pay it forward when they know someone who needs a little pampering, too.

images from Little Brown Pen

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