Weekly Wrap #135 : Mint + Silver Gift Wrap Ideas

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Minty teal and silver are a fantastic color pair no matter what time of the year it is, but this cool combo is simply perfect for the holidays, when the frosty hues compliment snowy landscapes and frosted window panes and add a festive shimmer to all of the pretty packages beneath the Christmas tree.

Gift Wrap Ideas : Mint + Silver

1. Evergreens Gift Wrap | Kate & Birdie 2. Sledders Gift Wrap | Snow & Graham 3, 7. Double Faced Satin Ribbon (Spa and Sterling) | Midori 4. Reversible Wrap (Pool Blue) | Sugar Paper 5. Silver Woodgrain Gift Wrap | The Container Store 6. Mint Green Triangle Washi Tape | Inkkit 8. Hex Tex Silver Gift Wrap | Inky Co. 9. Baubles Wrap (Blu) | pikku 10. Silver Heart Stickers | Knot & Bow 11. Rudolf Gift Tags | Rifle Paper Co.

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2 comments on “Weekly Wrap #135 : Mint + Silver Gift Wrap Ideas

  1. Donaville commented //

    Love the way you laid out this post, Kristen! I’ve also been on the hunt for lightly patterned washi tape, so thanks for sharing Inkkit’s shop 🙂

  2. kristen commented //

    Thanks, Donaville! I think that I’ll be doing some shopping at Inkkit soon, too. So many wonderful crafty paper goodies to be found there!

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