Wedding Invitation Spotting

I never get enough of beautiful wedding invitation design. Here are several suites that have caught my eye in a big way over the past several weeks. Get ready for some terrific eye candy!

Awesome invitations for Barbara and Antony’s wedding, and you must check out the matching music CD, too. Seriously, the illustration, the feel, the palette … drool. Designed by Antony Wilcox. – via FPO

Wedding Invitation Hot Pink

Lovely quilled detail from a custom Quaker marriage certificate by Ann Martin:

Quilled Quaker Marriage Certificate

I can’t get enough of the whimsical illustration and hand lettering work of Haley Dolan. So pretty! Printed by Pinball Publishing.

Haley Dolan Invitation

Emily and Jeremy’s wedding invitation, featuring beautiful calligraphy by Paperfinger:

Paperfinger Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Vintage Romance in a gorgeous blush and champagne palette from Wiley Valentine:

Vintage Romance Letterpress

Vintage children’s book illustrations and Betsy Dunlap’s calligraphy make for a wonderfully whimsical wedding suite, and those envelope liners are simply wonderful!

Whimsical Illustration Wedding Invitation

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2 comments on “Wedding Invitation Spotting

  1. Angie B commented //

    I have seen quilled paper in the past and it never really moved me but that invitation is down right gorgeous. I have a new appreciation for the craft.

  2. lyndsey | paper girl commented //

    wow, that top one with the bright fuchia ink is amazing! love the color.

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