Calligraphy : Red and Blue and I Love You

Red Blue Calligraphy Mr. Boddington

If you love gorgeous calligraphy, then you must head on over to Mr. Boddington’s Studio’s Lookbook blog to see their first calligraphy feature, “Red and Blue and I Love You”, which showcases the work of Paperfinger, Tara Jones, Calligraphics, and Queen Quills Calligraphy in shades of red, pink, and blue inks on a variety of Mr. Boddington’s Studio paper goods. So lovely! – found via Paper Tastebuds

images from Mr. Boddington’s Studio

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2 comments on “Calligraphy : Red and Blue and I Love You

  1. Melissa commented //

    Wow. Gorgeous! I kick myself when I see stuff like this and wonder why I didn’t take her more seriously when my aunt was trying to get me hooked on calligraphy years ago.

  2. kristen commented //

    It’s never too late to learn, right? I’d like to learn, too, but I’m so impatient!

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