Vintage Style Comic Character Posters

DC Comic Posters

I’m completely digging these vintage style comic character posters by illustrator/designer Michael Myers. The stylized illustrations and digitally aged paper combine for a very cool effect. You can purchase the posters at Michael’s Imagekind shop. Here’s more cool comic eye candy:

Update: DC has contacted Imagekind to have the posters removed for copyright reasons. Bummer. Well, it was still a really cool concept, even if you can’t purchase the posters anymore!

DC Comic Posters
DC Comic Posters
DC Comic Posters
DC Comic Posters
DC Comic Posters
DC Comic Posters

– via Behance Network

images from Michael Myers/Imagekind

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5 comments on “Vintage Style Comic Character Posters

  1. Hip Hip Gin Gin commented //

    oh wow, I pretty much want one of each! Wonder Woman for sure!

  2. Meredith commented //

    I tried every link I could to try and find these, but they aren’t acutally listed in his shop, even though he directs you there. I was planning on buying the whole set.

  3. kristen commented //

    Meredith – I just found out from Mike that DC contacted Imagekind to have the posters taken down. Sorry!

  4. miro commented //

    How these people think they can violate copyright and profit off of it TRULY ASTOUNDS ME. Of COURSE the posters had to be taken down. Honestly people, what’s running through your heads?

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