Valérie Buess

I recently discovered Swiss-born paper artist, Valérie Buess, via upon a fold and was instantly mesmerized by her incredible work. Buess has lived and worked in Germany since 1990, creating intricate pieces with a wonderfully organic feel. Her portfolio can be found here, and below are just a few of my favorite details.

Valerie Buess Paper Art

Valerie Buess

Paper Artist Valerie Buess

Paper Sculpture

Valerie Buess

Paper Sculpture Valerie Buess

images from Valérie Buess

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3 comments on “Valérie Buess

  1. laura commented //

    wonderful works! a simple materials become a complicated shapes….I love them.

  2. Marie commented //

    So pretty and organic…I love it!

  3. mari commented //

    Wow. Valerie’s work is indeed mesmerizing. It’s amazing to think about how she’s transformed paper into such beautiful works of art.

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