Paper Cut Artist Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee Papercut Artist

How did it take me so long to discover the absolutely amazing paper cut work of artist Bovey Lee? Talk about jaw-droppingly intricate, and she uses delicate rice paper to create her papercuts, which makes her work all that much more … wow. You can find out more about Bovey Lee, who is based in Pittsburgh, PA, on her portfolio site and through her blog, where she frequently posts updates about her work. I loved reading her “20 Reasons Why I Love Cutting Paper” post.

Bovey Lee Papercut Artist

images from Bovey Lee

Blog Updates

3 comments on “Paper Cut Artist Bovey Lee

  1. mrYen commented //

    I was just reading about her! I love her work and how detailed and delicate it is. I would love to see it up close for real.

  2. Melissa commented //


  3. ania @ papercutworks commented //

    it’s been a long time since i’ve seen such whimsical intricate pieces! & i love the art of paper cutting.

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