Typoes Happen Letterpress Eraser Card

Okay, how brilliant is this Typoes Happen letterpress eraser card from a.favorite? So clever, and if I weren’t already a huge a.favorite fangirl, then this card would’ve made me one. The card, which looks remarkably like a Pink Pearl eraser, also contains a great sentiment. We all make mistakes, and we just need to be easier on ourselves when we do and “move on”. Love that!

A. Favorite Typoes Happen Letterpress Card

A. Favorite Typoes Happen Letterpress Card

images from a.favorite

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3 comments on “Typoes Happen Letterpress Eraser Card

  1. Sherman Unkefer commented //

    That is awesome – made me smile!

  2. Jackie commented //

    This put a smile on my face the second I saw it. It is true what you said – we all make mistakes. The important thing is what you do after the mistake, right? Right.
    – Jackie @ thelovelywifelife.blogspot.com

  3. Stephanie commented //

    This is really clever! I love it.

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