Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints

It’s the start of what what will be a very rainy Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday…) here, but it’s all good because it’s a holiday week. Happy Passover to those of you who celebrate, and an early Happy Easter to those who will be celebrating the upcoming Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

I thought I’d start off the week with these wonderfully original letterpress dice prints from Stukenborg, which kind of blow my mind. Each pattern is built by laying dice, one by one, on the bed of the letterpress and rolling ink directly onto the face of the dice for each impression:

Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints

And here are some of the final prints. It’s amazing how many different patterns can be made with the dice:

Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints
Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints
Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints
Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints

images from Stukenborg

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8 comments on “Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints

  1. Amma commented //

    I am so loving this, very, very, very clever use of the dice. Amazing stuff!

  2. heather commented //

    These are incredible!! Wow is all I can think of to say!

  3. Cat commented //

    great! so beautiful! thank you soo much for sharing this playful inspiration!
    // Cat

  4. bridget commented //

    These are so great – as a fellow dice artist ( and letterpress enthusiast.. I wonder if he’d want to collaborate on a portrait.

  5. Vanessa commented //

    These are wonderful. I have never heard or even thought of this before but I just love them!

  6. Hayley commented //

    Wow! These are amazing!!

  7. Another Empire commented //

    definitely looking to buy one of these!

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