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Sky Goodies Paper Typewriter Calendar

I first came across Sky Goodies last year when I was putting together my calendar roundups, and their unique and colorful work immediately caught my attention. Let’s find out a little more about these purveyors of happy, shall we?

Mumbai, India-Based Sky Goodies

Founded in 2013 by Amit Gudibanda and Misha Gudibanda, Mumbai, India-based Sky Goodies is a brand that’s all about happy, quirky paper products and DIY kits. Their philosophy is “Make Happy”, and this really shines through in every last item in their shop, from wonderfully colorful, patterned boomboxes to hot air balloons, gramophones, calendars, and even a tank!

Sky Goodies DIY Mini Paper Boombox

Everything that Amit and Misha make must qualify as a “goody”, something that looks delicious, or that brings a bit of joy to everyday life. Patterns and colors are very Indian, and truck art is an inspiration for many of the colorful products.

Sky Goodies DIY Paper Gramophone & Ornaments

Sky Goodies’ do-it-yourself paper craft kits come as printed, pre-cut, and pre-creased sheets with fold lines and instructions. No need for scissors or cutters. They also offer printable templates for many of their goodies, so those of you looking for instant downloads and instant gratification will find lots to love there, too!

Sky Goodies DIY Paper Camera

All of the do-it-yourself kits have secondary uses after they’re assembled, and you know that I love paper goodies that do double duty. For example, their little retro TVs double as photo stands and/or pen holders, and many of their other kits double as party favors, treat, and food holders. You can check out all of the Sky Goodies over in their Etsy shop.

images from Sky Goodies

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