Build-It-Yourself Bookbinding Kits

Build-It-Yourself Letterpress Petal Fold Book | Igloo Letterpress

If you’re interested in or fascinated by bookbinding and making your own books, then these build-it-yourself (aka b-i-y) letterpress book kits from Igloo Letterpress will be right up your alley. There are four different kits in the collection so far – petal fold, exposed spine stitch, pamphlet stitch, and flag – and they come with everything that you’ll need to make your very own book. These clever kits would be a great idea for d-i-y types or bookworms with a penchant for paper crafts.

Build-It-Yourself Letterpress Pamphlet Stitch Book | Igloo Letterpress

Build-It-Yourself Letterpress Exposed Spine Stitch Book | Igloo Letterpress

images from Igloo Letterpress

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    Love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

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