Letterpress Paper House Kits

Letterpress Paper House Kit

These new letterpress paper house kits from OneCanoeTwo look like so much fun. The first diorama kit in what will be a series (yay!) is called Chandler Lane, and it includes a background plus pieces for three houses, seven trees, and two corner tabs. I’m loving the attention to detail shown on each piece, including shingled rooftops, brick siding, and doorway and window detailing on the houses, and the landscaped grass, stone walkway, trees, and sky on the background piece. This kit would make a wonderful spring or Easter activity for both kids and adults.

Letterpress Paper House Kit

images from OneCanoeTwo

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6 comments on “Letterpress Paper House Kits

  1. Kathleen at Twig & Thistle commented //

    Oh my word, those are adorable!!!! Can not wait to check out their shop 🙂 Thank you!!!

  2. neli commented //

    They are really beautifull!

  3. Moose commented //

    Simply fabulous! Tail Wags to All.

  4. Cassi commented //

    So cute, I love them!!

  5. Jeanelle commented //

    wao i’m having childhouse flashbacks seeings these house, way cute, so need to get one for my cube!

  6. Jeanelle commented //

    just got mine today, totally in love with it 🙂

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