Quick Picks : 8.27.15

An Alphabet of Sorts Letterpress Poster by Starshaped Press

“An Alphabet of Sorts” Letterpress Poster by Starshaped Press
(read more about the creation of the awesome, metal type ornament alphabet here)

This Week’s Picks

Rainbow Brite is back, and my inner 8 year old – oh, who am I kidding – all of me is screaming “yaaaaasssss”!

♥ Digging the new card bundles from Thimblepress, especially this one and this one and … yeah, they’re all pretty rad.

♥ The A*Press line from Avanti has some seriously fun and colorful cards. The “nutty” ice cream cone card is my fave!

♥ These miniature paper models by Charles Young are absolutely incredible. See more here.

♥ Lane’s Twin Tone lampshades are so stylish, and they’re made of paper, too!

image from Starshaped Press

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