Quick Picks : 11.6.14

Mythical Creatures Poster (detail) | 55 Hi's (Scotty Reifsnyder illustrations)

Mythical Creatures Poster (detail) by 55 Hi’s + Scotty Reifsnyder (illustration)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Check out the Paper Chase Press X Hopewell Workshop postcard notepad, which features painterly designs inspired by quilt-makers’ unique, geometric patterns and fabric swatches.

♥ I’m all about Kitten City, and I’m really digging these smile-making letterpress greeting cards from Hello! Lucky and Urban Dictionary.

Giant paper alphabet blocks = really fun decorating possibilities for all sorts of party-type occasions.

♥ Beautiful, rose gold and wood invitations for the The Knot by A Fine Press. – via

image from 55 Hi’s

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