Quick Picks : 6.16.16

K.becca Exclusive Stamp Designs for Sweet Stamp Shop (!!!)

My New, Exclusive Stamp Designs for Sweet Stamp Shop
(so excited about this!!!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Giant, new paper flower sculptures by Tiffanie Turner. So gorgeous.

♥ Fun (and free) Father’s Day printables from Tinyme. Lots of cool stuff to choose from!

♥ Lovin’ these seriously cool cardboard sculptures made from Pizza Hut pizza boxes.

♥ Clever idea: inspirational sticky notes!

♥ A sweet, little diy ice cream cart made from a cardboard box?! Um, yeah, that’s awesome.

image from k.becca

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One thought on “Quick Picks : 6.16.16

  1. ~amy~ commented //

    Super fun…love your new Sweet Stamp Shop sets!

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