Pirate-themed 30th Birthday Party Invites

Pirate Themed Birthday Invitations

Arr, mateys! Are ye ready to see some fun and unique birthday party invites? These pirate-themed birthday party invitations were designed by Rachel from Benign Objects for a 30th birthday party that took place on a ship named the Jolly Roger in the Cayman Islands, so a pirate-themed invite suite was a perfect fit!

Treasure Map Birthday Party Invites

Rachel wanted to stick with a treasure chest concept, but she and her client wanted to update the contents with something more fitting for adults. The goal was to create something elegant and fun while avoiding too much cheesiness, and the result is a suite that’s really fun in a grown-up sort of way.

Conch Shell Birthday Invitations

The full invitation suite includes a pirate invitation, a postcard featuring a vintage ship with accommodation information on it, a card featuring a conch shell with information on the dinner following the cruise, a card featuring historic Pirate Code of Conduct and a fun “antique” map of the island. And, of course, the treasure chest also includes chocolate coins, an eyepatch, and gold nuggets gum, too. Love it!

Pirate Birthday Invites

images from Benign Objects

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