Papercut Ketubahs

I’ve previously featured the beautiful papercut artwork of Naomi Shiek of The Time Is Now here on Paper Crave, and I’m excited to share the gorgeous new line of papercut ketubahs that Naomi has created in collaboration with stationery designer, Jennifer Raichman.

Papercut Ketubah

Traditionally, ketubahs are used in the Jewish faith as a marriage contract between the bride and groom. The highly stylized and ornamental posters are traditionally gilded and adorned with highly detailed papercut imagery, and couples frame and hang them in their homes. These days, the ketubah is used in secular society to display the newlyweds’ wedding vows or love poems, and they are also commissioned for anniversaries and other special occasions.

The new ketubah collection combines Naomi’s delicate papercut nature scenes with Jennifer’s signature modern design to produce ketubahs that beautifully blend the traditional with a more contemporary aesthetic. The 11×17 inch posters feature two layers: a handmade papercut layer by Naomi overlaid on Jennifer’s stylized ketubah prints. And what’s even more amazing about this collaboration is that it takes place across continents, with Naomi creating her papercuts in her studio in Israel and sending them to Jennifer in the U.S. See more of the collection over at Jennifer’s shop.

Papercut Ketubahs

Naomi Shiek and Jennifer Reichman Ketubahs

Papercut Ketubot

Ketubahs by Naomi Shiek and Jennifer Raichman

images from Naomi Shiek and Jennifer Raichman

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3 comments on “Papercut Ketubahs

  1. Naomi commented //

    Thank you so much for the feature!

  2. Ethan commented //

    Gorgeous! I love its design of ketubahs. I’ve seen Naomi’s blogs and I really love her wedding invitation.

  3. Christina commented //

    Gorgeous. And hand-cut no less.

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