Paper Source Mums Wreath Kit

Paper Source Mums Wreath Kit

Last week, I popped into Paper Source for the first time in a little while. I can’t go too often, or I’d be completely broke, so I try to pace myself. This usually doesn’t work, as I get too tempted, but I try to resist. Really, I do. Anyway, as soon as I walked in, I spotted the most gorgeous paper mums wreath. The wreath looks even more beautiful in person than in the photo, and it turns out that it’s a kit that you can make! Pretty cool, huh, and such a nice decoration for autumn. Paper Source’s flower and wreath kits seem to get more ornate and wonderful every year, and the mums wreath is definitely at the top of my list.

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3 comments on “Paper Source Mums Wreath Kit

  1. Katie commented //

    I was thinking about getting the same wreath myself! I love Paper Source.

  2. Jane commented //

    I love Paper Source precisely for this reason- look at the intricate petals!

  3. Emily commented //

    I’ve been eyeing this for a while! It’s a good thing the nearest Paper Source is a good 30 minutes away. I’d be broke, too!

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