Nutcracker Paper Wreath

Nutcracker Paper Wreath

Maureen from Ink & Paper recently sent over some images of their entry in the R Home for the Holidays designer wreath decorating contest, which took place on November 16, and my jaw just about hit the floor when I first saw them. How amazing is this wreath? The contest was sponsored by RHome Magazine and hosted by the Virginia Historical Society to benefit the Richmond Ballet, and the theme was The Nutcracker. It’s hard to believe that this wreath only received 2nd place in the contest!

I love the use of the different types of paper crafts, including kusudama flowers, quilled paper snowflakes, and the crepe paper tutus on the ballerinas. Thanks to Maureen for letting me know about this incredible creation! Here a few of the lovely details:

Nutcracker Paper Wreath

Nutcracker Paper Wreath

Nutcracker Paper Wreath

images from Ink & Paper

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5 comments on “Nutcracker Paper Wreath

  1. Rossana commented //

    Bellissima!!! a big kiss from Italy!!!

  2. Stephanie commented //

    Thank you for featuring our project on your blog today! We had a team of people put a lot of work into the wreath and we were very proud. Eddie Ross did the judging and at the end of the night it went home to the highest bidder!

  3. Wendy Piersall commented //

    Holy SHIZZZZ!!! That is amazing!!! Gotta show it to my origami-obsessed son – he will flip! 🙂

  4. ann martin commented //

    Wow! So very creative and I love how it’s balanced. Lots and lots of work went into it for sure.

  5. Austin Wilson commented //

    GORGEOUS!!!! I want one!!

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