Kusudama Fever

I first found out about kusudama from a lovely tutorial by Folding Trees, and lately I’m seeing these beautiful origami flowers in many places. I’m just loving the growing trend of using paper flowers for decoration!

Kusudama Origami Flowers

#1 & #2 are gorgeous kusudama from Flickr user Malia (her “Origami” gallery is a must see), which inspired #3 Rag & Bone to create a garden of kusudama made from book pages. Check out the lovely new Rag & Bone postcard, inspired by their eco friendly kusudama.

#4 & #5 Spotted over at the wonderful wedding blog, The Inspired Bride, sweet kusudama decorations — cupcake toppers and a kusudama garland — from Millalove on Etsy.

images from their respective owners

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7 comments on “Kusudama Fever

  1. julie green commented //

    oh my god. those are all so gorgeous. if i had a day job i would quit my day job just to sit and look at those all day.

  2. Erin commented //

    This is going to be my next craft project. Thanks!

  3. stephanie commented //

    love the small detail in these paper flowers! we just created a how-to with some sweet ribbon flowers…thought you may be interested: http://www.urbannestblog.com

  4. Lindy commented //

    Love these! Beautiful!

  5. Rita commented //

    Oh dear!! I am officially addicted to making these gorgeous kusudama creations. My fingers hurt!!!

  6. OCean commented //

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