Paper Cut Letter Cards

Sweet, leafy versions of every letter of the alphabet have been hand cut just for you by London-based Heart Zeena, and you can choose from three insert colors – blue, mint, or pink – to make your lovely letter stand out even more. These paper cut letter cards would look great framed as wall art, too. A card and a gift, all rolled into one!

Paper Cut Initial Cards

image from Heart Zeena

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4 comments on “Paper Cut Letter Cards

  1. Strawberries and Champagne commented //

    These are stunning! Takes me back to my days working at Hallmark when I used to do this by hand, ouch!

  2. Rosa @ flutterflutter commented //

    Those are beautiful! I just blogged about paper cutting yesterday! Wish I’d know about these ones!

  3. Jessica commented //

    These are adorable! I love that they are semi-3D. Thanks for sharing your fine work.

  4. Zeena commented //

    Thanks so much for the lovely mention, glad you like them! x

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