Featured Shop: Red Cap Cards

Every now and then, I come across a line of greeting cards or stationery that completely mesmerizes me, and Red Cap Cards is one of those lines. Red Cap Cards was established in 2004 by Carrie Gifford and Hal Mertz and carries both printed and handmade cards. Each handmade card features original artwork by Carrie and is hand torn, hand painted, and individually mounted on a 30% recycled cotton card stock. I know that I’d love to buy one of every illustration and frame them as small works of art!

I find Red Cap’s illustrations absolutely enchanting in a slightly offbeat way. I was reminded of Edward Gorey, one of my favorite illustrators, when I first saw this line.

Red Cap Christmas Card

Porter and The Dove Card ($3.95 each)

Red Cap Leonard Spider Card

Leonard Spider Card ($3.95 each)

Red Cap Thank You Cards

(clockwise from top left) Circle Tree, Snail Thank You, Palm tree, and Pickles Cards ($3.95 each)

images from Red Cap Cards

A Letterpress Christmas: Pancake and Franks

A Letterpress ChristmasPancake and Franks Holiday Cards

Lovely holiday cards from Pancake & Franks, created in their signature chic, minimalist style. Line drawn images, stylized botanicals, quasi-abstract suggestions of more…it’s all good. Pictured above (clockwise from top left) are their antler, pine needle, pomegranate, and menorah holiday cards. Yes, this feature is called “A Letterpress Christmas”, but we love all holidays here at Paper Crave and this menorah rocks. $5.00 per single card and $15.00 per set.

images from Pancake and Franks

Crate & Barrel Marimekko Holiday Gift Wrap

Crate and Barrel Gift Wrap RedCrate and Barrel Gift Wrap Green

Crate & Barrel has some cool, modern holiday gift wrap from Marimekko this season. Shown above:

In red: Lumimarja Red Gift Wrap, Samovaari Red Gift Wrap, and Fandango Red Gift Wrap. $7.95 each.

In green: Manty Green Gift Wrap, Fandango Green Gift Wrap, Kastehelmet Green Gift Wrap. $7.95 each.

Crate and Barrel Enclosure Cards

They have some cute enclosure cards, too. Enclosure cards are $1.50 each.

images from Crate & Barrel

A Letterpress Christmas: Dear Olive

A Letterpress Christmas

Dear Olive Santas Card

I love this letterpress holiday card from Dear Olive. The menagerie of vintage santas is so much fun! $16.00 for a set of 8 cards.

Dear Olive Snowflake Card

Snowflakes are one of my favorite holiday card themes. There’s just so much that you can do with a snowflake. $16.00 for a set of 8 at Dear Olive Letterpress.

Dear Olive Naughty or Nice Gift Tag

Of course, I know that you’ve all been nice, so there’s no need for the naughty box, right? $8.00 for a set of 10 gift tags at Dear Olive.

images from Dear Olive