Doublenaut Super Mario Poster

Doublenaut Super Mario Poster

Doublenaut Super Mario Poster

I’ve never been anything close to what you’d call a “gamer”, but back in the day, when the original Nintendo was cutting edge technology, I actually got to be pretty good at Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 3 was my game, and I think I actually went the whole way and beat the big, bad monster at the end. This totally cool Mario poster by Doublenaut brought back great memories of my Super Mario days, and I hope it will do the same for fellow paper-loving Nintendo junkies.

By the way, what was the deal with Super Mario 2? That one was like a video game on acid, with the little animal monster things wearing Venetian masks, and the drum music and cloud/vine worlds. I sort of wandered around and collected coins and threw stuff, but I was very confused.

– found via French Paper Sample Room

images from Doublenaut

My Mind’s Eye Stella Rose Collection

My Mind’s Eye recently released a fantastic new scrapbooking collection called Stella Rose, which is selling out quickly in every place that I’ve been able to find it. The multi-faceted collection features a number of different sub-collections, all of which have a really great vintage feel, but my favorite has to be the Hattie range. I just love the colors, and the herringbone and argyle patterns clinched it for me.

You can purchase papers and scrapbooking details from the Stella Rose collection at Two Peas in a Bucket, and you can view the entire collection over at My Mind’s Eye.

My Mind's Eye Stella Rose Hattie Colors

My Mind's Eye Stella Rose Hattie

images from My Mind’s Eye

Southwest Cards by Two Arms

Check out the new Southwest card collection from Two Arms, which features six different card designs inspired by the American Southwest. The hand screen printed designs include a desert eagle, a frosty mug of beer, a desert scene, and a bony cactus in a rusty red clay and minty teal palette. The cards are available for purchase individually, or you can pick up the entire set as a gift to yourself or a Southwest-loving friend.

Two Arms Southwest Screen Printed Cards

images from Two Arms

Letterpress Pull-Out Greeting Cards

Igloo Letterpress Pull Out Cards

I’m a big fan of cards that do a little something different, and I’m digging these letterpress pull-out greeting cards by Igloo Letterpress for just this reason. Well, they’re super cute, too, but I really like the pull-out design, with fun letterpress printed pattern sleeves and card enclosures that slide out to reveal the card’s message. How fun!

images from Igloo Press

New Advertiser : Marsupial Papers

Marsupial Papers

Marsupial Papers provides imprintable wedding invitations, save the dates, paper details, and their trademark pouch enclosures to creative couples interested in putting together custom invitation suites for their special day. They also have a collection of ready to personalize invitations in a variety of elegant, modern styles, like the lovelies shown above.

images from Marsupial Papers