Grocery List Notepads by Inklosures

Magnetic Grocery List Notepads

Is there anyone else out there who absolutely loves food and cooking but sometimes wishes – especially when there’s a blizzard or rainstorm happening outside and your cupboards and fridge are empty – that all of the groceries that you need would magically appear on your doorstep so you won’t have to make the trip to the grocery store and slug it out with everyone else who’s grabbing for the last head of romaine lettuce?

Inklosures Grocery Lists

If I’m going to have to make the trip every week, rain or shine, I want to at least add in a little fun if I can, and these cute new grocery list notepads from Inklosures will definitely do the trick. How could you not find yourself feeling more cheery, even smiling perhaps, as you look down to check what’s next on your list and see a happy loaf of bread or a milk bottle with a moo cow on it?

Inklosures Grocery List Notepads

The notepads have 36 lined sheets with a rotating array of 9 cute illustrations printed on 100% recycled paper, and they come with a sturdy magnet attached to the back of the notepad so you can hang them on your fridge and jot down what you’ll need as you need it. A great gift idea, too!

images from Inklosures

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5 comments on “Grocery List Notepads by Inklosures

  1. Mymsie commented //

    Your chick and bun S & P shakers are adorable! 🙂

  2. k commented //

    I was going to comment on them too! Where are they from? So-o cute.

  3. Lizette commented //

    Glad you like the S+P shakers! They were given to me as a holiday gift. I will find out and post the response.

  4. Lizette commented //

    There’s a Hallmark logo under the bunny shaker, so you could try your local Hallmark store. Best of luck!

  5. Ronit commented //

    I just love the shopping list pad, love the graphics in particular. Your designs are so crisp and the color choices are unusual and interesting. There is something about your images that are your own distinct style which makes you stand apart in this saturated field.

    I can’t wait to put mine on my fridge. I got 2 extras for friens I know will love them. I thought- when I go to my next book club- nice thing to bring, right? That sort of thing.

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