Letterpress Poetry Broadside by Lampyridae Press

Kurt Weisman Everything's Glass

Anna Fewster of Lampyridae Press recently released the first in a series of letterpress poetry broadsides that she’ll be creating throughout the year, and I’m really digging the mix of contemporary poetry and modern, geometric form found in the first broadside in the series, “Everything is Glass” by Kurt Weisman. The poem is completely handset in metal type, and the decorative triangle pattern is printed in silver ink from a linoleum cut block and hand finished with watercolors.

Anna will be releasing a new poetry broadside by a different contemporary poet every two months this year, and each will be decorated by variations of geometric lino cut and watercolor shapes. Consistency in aesthetic and size throughout the series will be maintained, so each piece will compliment the others to form a lovely collection when the series is complete.

Letterpress Poetry Broadside

Lampyridae Press

Other paper pretties in the Lampyridae Press shop include colorful letterpress bookplates, note cards, and stationery inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and letterpress gift tags printed using metal type.

Lampyridae Press

images from Lampyridae Press

Typefaces of the World

Typefaces of the World Poster

Have you ever wondered when and where all of the most widely used typefaces in the world were created? Well, if you’re a typophile, then you may already know, but I bet that you’ve never seen them presented in a way as visually dynamic as you’ll find in this awesome Typefaces of the World poster, created by Shelby White.

The poster shows a visual representation of the most widely used typefaces of the twentieth century, along with the year the typeface was designed, the place where it was designed, and the typographer who designed it. It’s a typography reference, a cool piece of design to hang on your wall, and a typophile’s dream, all rolled into one!

Typefaces of the World

Typography Poster

Shelby White Typeface Poster

images from Scribble

Weekly Wrap #61 : Photo-lettering Gift Wrap

Weekly Wrap

House Industries Photo-Lettering Gift Wrap

If you love gift wrap, and you’re a fontophile, too, then you’re in for a treat, courtesy of the always awesome House Industries. House chose nine soft hued papers from French Paper and paired them with one of their signature alphabet patterns to create double-sided Photo-Lettering gift wrap that’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for wrapping paper that’s unique, modern, and sure to be a favorite of typophiles and designers. I could see this paper used as a photography backdrop or cut to create paper details for a party, too.

images from House Industries / French Paper

The Brass Rule Labyrinth

Okay, this is awesome. Jens Jørgen Hansen, a Danish letterpress printer and printing teacher with shop called bogtrykkeren (“bogtrykker” means “printer” in Danish), designed The Brass Rule Labryinth letterpress print by meticulously hand setting brass rule to create a typographical labyrinth that’s completely unique. I can’t even imagine how much time and patience it took to set everything. A true labor of love, and pretty darn cool print, too.

The Brass Rule Labyrinth

Photos (via Flickr) of The Brass Rule Labyrinth project in process:

The Brass Rule Labyrinth

The Brass Rule Labyrinth

images from Jens Jørgen Hansen