Quick Picks : 4.30.15

The Inspiration Pad, a dynamic take on the classic notepad by Marc Thomasset This Week’s Picks ♥ Check out this list of 15 fantastic books on hand lettering. I have about half of these and want the other half! ♥

Quick Picks : 5.8.14

by Anna Walker (so lovely!) – via This Week’s Picks ♥ MOO is celebrating letterheads with imaginative business card and letterhead designs for some of history’s most prolific figures, including everyone from Jane Austen to Albert Einstein. Great concept! ♥

Quick Picks : 5.9.13

The World at Night | Design: Andrew Althouse + Printing : Valhalla Studios This Week’s Picks ♥ Mother’s Day freebies from Hello! Lucky. ♥ Loving this suite of “Love at First Flight” materials by Michael de Pippo for his recent