On My Wishlist : Fun Office Goods

I may have gotten older, but I definitely have not outgrown my love for fun (and cute) office goods. Magnets shaped like chocolate bars, an elephant tape holder, funky erasers – they all take me back to a time when I never left home without my blue, white, and neon pink popsicle eraser and my 10 color scented ink pen, which was actually pretty difficult to write with because it was about an inch in diameter. Speaking of pens, how did I not know that Le Pen was still around? Trying to resist writing a note to my bestie with a pink Le Pen and folding it into a triangle before I give it to her…

Fun Office Goods

one Choco Magnet two Elephant Tape Dispenser three Bee Tab Stickers four Color on You Pens five Metaphys Viss Spiral Eraser six Chocolate Bar Paper Clips seven Le Pen eight Magnetic Origami Bookmarks

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One thought on “On My Wishlist : Fun Office Goods

  1. Jamie commented //

    Oh my gosh, all adorable items! I’m going to need that tape dispenser now.

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