Numbers-As-Letters Birthday Cards

Vancouver-based Nib & Tuck recently released a collection of five clever, die-cut birthday greetings which use numbers as letters to help form uplifting quotes that will make us all feel a little bit better about getting older:

Die Cut Number Birthday Cards

Nib & Tuck Birthday Greetings

Madelaine L'Engle Older Quote

Nib & Tuck Birthday Card

Numbers Birthday Greeting Card

images from Nib & Tuck

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5 comments on “Numbers-As-Letters Birthday Cards

  1. Kristina commented //

    How clever!

  2. rooth commented //

    How original. The quotes are fantastic as well.

  3. Christina commented //

    Thanks so much for sharing my cards with your readers, Kristen.

    Having reached a milestone birthday last year, I understand first hand the value of an uplifting quote when it comes to embracing the passage of time.


  4. Jessica commented //

    These are so clever!! Love the quotes too.

  5. Jane commented //

    These are amazingly creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing these with us, Kristen. 🙂

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