NSS Perspectives, Part 5

National Stationery Show Oh So Beautiful Paper
images from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper has done an absolutely amazing job of covering the National Stationery Show this year, and she even tweeted a picture of her collection of business cards from the first day of the show. Her NSS series is a must see, and don’t you just love those paper bees from The Beehive Press (above top)?

Oh So Beautiful Paper posts:

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National Stationery Show Tiselle
images from Tiselle

Tianyi, owner of Tiselle, takes us through her first hours and booth setup at the show. I loved seeing the images of everything coming together, and the the booth was beautiful eye candy in and of itself! Stay tuned to Tiselle’s blog for further coverage of the show.

National Stationery Show Crane
images from Crane

Crane shows us their “Windows to the World”, the stationery world, that is. The vignettes are very nice, and I enjoy the fact that each has its own “personality”.

Crane posts:

Windows to the World of Crane Stationery
Opening Day at the National Stationery Show
A Whirlwind at the National Stationery Show (with pics of The Martha)

National Stationery Show Cinda Baxter
image from The 3/50 Project / Cinda Baxter

Cinda Baxter of Always Upward and founder of The 3/50 Project gives us the buzz from the show floor, including views from both vendors and buyers about this year’s show.

The next post is the last one in the series, ladies and gents!

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  1. lyndsey / paper girl commented //

    i agree! nole did an amazing job of documenting nss this year — definitely one of my favorite recaps of the show! [next to yours, of course 🙂 ]

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