NSS ’12 : The Booths, Part 1

One of the most exciting aspects of the Stationery Show for me is seeing how everyone styles and displays their goods. The booth really is an extension of a brand, a sort of large scale packaging project that companies design to present their line to potential buyers and clients. Here are some of the booths that really caught my eye:

One of the most charming at the show, the Belle & Union booth was filled with clever, hand-lettered letterpress greetings and darling, screenprinted sheets of gift wrap. The burgeoning “food on paper” trend was well represented here, with pickles, sticks of butter, refreshing summer drinks, and fruits popping up all over. I cannot wait until this line is available online later this year!

Belle & Union

Katharine Watson’s booth instantly drew me in with rich, warm walls that perfectly complimented her beautiful collection of block printed goods. And I love that she had some of the hand-carved blocks that she uses to create her pieces on display in the booth. Amazing!

Katharine Watson

The Pei Design booth made me so happy. Their branding and booth signage served as the perfect backdrop to their squee-inducingly adorable lineup of letterpress greeting cards and fill-in invitations.

Pei Design

Chalkboard-inspired booths dotted the show floor, and Kate & Birdie did a fantastic job incorporating the trend into their booth design. The use of green chalkboards, as opposed to black, softened the look, complimented their line so well, and made this booth (and all of the lovely paper goodies within) a real standout.

Kate & Birdie

The Seed House booth, which was within the Ladies of Letterpress display, was the perfect extension of this perfectly styled and detailed collection of curiosities. The booth itself reminded me of a curio cabinet filled with pieces lovingly collected over time.

Seed House

For lovers of neon (myself included), the Fig. 2 Design booth was THE place to be. I couldn’t get enough of the fresh, neon-colored letterpress greetings and invitations, and their new neon wrapping paper is awe-some.

Fig 2 Design

photos by Kristen Magee

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2 comments on “NSS ’12 : The Booths, Part 1

  1. Charlotte commented //

    So many gorgeous designs! I wasn’t able to attend the show myself (bit of a trek from Leicestershire, England!) so I’m delighted to see your lovely pictures – thank you so much for posting about the show … very inspirational!!

  2. Susy commented //

    I have to say, I think Katherine Watson’s items are some of my absolute favorites. I love the bold style meeting the hand-made textures…always love her work, and it was great she was at NSS. (and great you were, too! xo!) S

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