NSS ’12 : Booth Details

Several booths that I spotted during my NSS adventures not only held great collections, but they also contained little, eye-catching details that made me think, “ooh, that is SUCH a clever thing that they did there.”

Kristiana Pärn’s booth not only displayed her darling cards and art prints, it also featured playful paper cutouts of her characters here and there:

Kristiana Parn

Studio Olivine’s oversized sign instantly caught my attention, as did their lovely letterpress cards (more on those later):

Studio Olivine

The Everything Little Miss team executed the chalkboard theme so well, and I loved that they blended tradition with trend by hanging neon paper cranes in the corners of their booth:

Everything Little Miss

The ladies of Paper Lovely & Fat Bunny Press were also rockin’ the chalkboard look, and they cleverly changed up the color of the chalk “awnings” to reflect whose side of the booth you were on. Great signs, too!

Paper Lovely Fat Bunny Press

Old Tom Foolery’s booth was slick. Great signage, and it was so smart of them to build in custom areas where they could display framed versions of their new “Words of Wisdom” prints:

Old Tom Foolery

Leah Greenberg’s bold and whimsical fabric backdrop was the perfect compliment to her fun line of illustrated paper goodies:

Leah Greenberg

And, of course, Wild Ink Press’ ombré booth walls were showstoppers:

Wild Ink Press

photos by Kristen Magee

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