New Marimekko Gift Wrap at Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is carrying several new, exclusive gift wrap designs from the wildly popular Finnish textile and clothing design house Marimekko. Love the modern designs and color schemes!

Marimekko Gift Wrap 1
Above designs: Fandango, Muija, Lumimarja, and Tamara
Marimekko Gift Wrap 2
Above designs: Fandango, Oikotie, Tantsu, and Pihapuu
Marimekko Gift Wrap 3
Above designs: Fandango, Manty, and Kastehelmet
Marimekko Gift Wrap 4
Above designs: Kastehelmet, Tamara, Lumimarja, and Himmeli
Marimekko Gift Wrap 5
Above design: Kastehelmet

images from Crate & Barrel

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