New Art Prints from Eva Juliet

Eva Juliet Culinary Strawberry Art Print

I’m swooning over all of the beautiful new art prints from Eva Juliet. The new Art Culinary collection includes four prints featuring different berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and cranberry), and I’m absolutely loving the colorful illustrations and gorgeous hand-lettering. Prints  from this collection are available in both English and French, too!

Eva Juliet Art Culinary Berry Prints

And, if you’re into old school sleek, check out the trio of new art prints from Eva Juliet’s Vintage Collection. Each print features a positive, uplifting message in vintage type and would make a great addition to any room, from the kitchen to your office.

Vintage Positive Message Prints Eva Juliet

images from Eva Juliet

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One thought on “New Art Prints from Eva Juliet

  1. The English Organizer commented //

    I’m in love with those berry prints, too. My only question is where I can find room to put them!

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