National Parks Explorers Guide

National Parks Explorers Guide

National parks enthusiasts, nature lovers, and explorers of the great outdoors, I think that you’re going to love this awesome National Parks Explorers Guide by the clever and creative peeps at Ello There. The canvas printed guide (20″ x 24″) is an illustrated map of all of the national parks in the United States, with an alphabetical list of each park printed beneath and numbered tree graphics that show you where each park is located. The map comes with a sheet of colorful tree stickers that you add to the map as a visual check mark to show that you’ve visited a park. So cool!

National Parks Checklist Map

And you can also purchase a coordinating Explorer’s Patch to go with your super cool map. Matching patches = totally awesome! I don’t know where my love of patches comes from – maybe my years as a Brownie, or perhaps from the scene in one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, Troop Beverly Hills (featuring a very permed and red-haired Shelley Long), where the Wilderness Girls design their own patches to match their Beverly Hills-centric skills – but I really do have a soft spot for neato patches.

Explorer's Patch

images from Ello There

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6 comments on “National Parks Explorers Guide

  1. Bree commented //

    I love this idea! But what happened to the shape of Michigan?! The poor Mitten state doesn’t even look like a mitten. :c

    I also wish they had included Isle Royale National Park, or even Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. All three are official National Parks, even if the latter have Lakeshore in the name instead of Park.

  2. Julie S commented //

    So sad that the National Parks of the territories are not included.

  3. Reina commented //

    That is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like that. So colorful and educational. We all could use a day in our national parks before they start to disappear. Very informative!

  4. Michelle commented //

    I’m definitely getting this for my sister for Christmas! She loves visiting the National Parks and even has their book (where you can stamps from each National Park you visit).

    Hoping they come out with a National Parks for Canada..then I can use it!

  5. Shayna - SteelPetalPress commented //

    OMG!! Love, love LOVE this!! My husband and I went back packing at a National Park for our wedding anniversary, and now make it a habit to go every year for our anniversary. This would be the PERFECT belated anniversary gift (July 31st)

    But, yea — where IS Isle Royal?! That was where we spent our honeymoon…. but still LOVE it! 🙂

  6. Patricia Hansen commented //

    My husband received this a a Xmas gift from our daughter. He loves it!!!!

    Can we purchase extra trees to add to the map?

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