Weekly Wrap #85 : Field Guide Design

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Block Print Wrapping Paper

I spotted this awesome, handmade gift wrap by Field Guide Design while browsing around Etsy this week, and I absolutely love the color and pattern. The Indian block print designs are printed onto 100% recycled brown kraft paper, which gives the wrap an earthy feel, a great contrast to the festive, fluorescent teal, green, orange, and pink inks. Available in two sets : Teal/Green or Orange/Pink.

images from Field Guide Design

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3 comments on “Weekly Wrap #85 : Field Guide Design

  1. Kate commented //

    So beautiful. I especially love the tags. I’m a sucker for packaging!

  2. kristen commented //

    You and me both, Kate!

  3. mari commented //

    Beautiful papers. The texture from the printing is beautiful, too.

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