Love Your Letters Workshop Giveaway

Love Your Letters Workshop

Are you head over heels for all things hand-lettered? I know that I am! And I’m super excited that Gina Sekelsky, aka Lettergirl, is going to be offering “Love Your Letters”, a workshop for those of us who want to develop our own hand-lettering skills.

Gina’s gathered nearly 20 years of hand-lettering tips and tricks into this self-paced workshop, which is designed to help you love your own handwriting. Workshop packets start shipping on June 1, and Gina has offered one lucky Paper Crave reader a spot in the class. Sweet!

In order to enter the giveaway, please comment on this post and let us know what you would do with improved hand-lettering skills. Would you hand address envelopes instead of using labels? Incorporate your handwriting into whatever paper craft project you’re working on? Create a line of hand-lettered paper goodies for your shop?

The giveaway will run through Monday, May 30 at midnight eastern, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 31. One entry per person, please. This giveaway is open to international entrants, too!

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106 comments on “Love Your Letters Workshop Giveaway

  1. paloma commented //

    As an event assistant, you never know when you need to jump in and whip up a few table numbers or escort cards! I have been looking to take a hand-lettering class for some time and am so excited at the chance to win!

  2. Mr Yen commented //

    This is a great giveaway – thanks for the opportunity!

    I would create some hand drawn quotes and then turn them into papercuts…oh and then I would also use my new skills to hand write thank you cards for every order I ship out!

  3. jane commented //

    i almost exclusively write in “print” and would love to work on my cursive… so elegant!

  4. Michelle commented //

    For as long as I can remember, people all around me have commented on what nice handwriting I have β€” and are even more surprised to find out I’m left-handed. Even though I’ve been encouraged for years, I’ve never had the confidence to incorporate hand lettering into my work (aside from notes to friends and a few family gifts). This workshops seems like the perfect inspirational push to get an item crossed off my life list β€” take a hand-lettering or calligraphy workshop happens to be on there! I’d love to gain the confidence to include it in all aspects of my professional and personal work β€” posters, websites, greeting cards, prints, etc. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. amanda commented //

    I’m a planning my wedding for next year and have a letterpress. The possibilities are endless.

  6. notabilia commented //

    I used to do some hand-lettering when I was back in high-school, but it’s a hobby that fell by the wayside. The class would be a swift kick in the arse and get me back on the road to hand-lettering again!

  7. Meredith commented //

    I love the look of hand lettering being used in stationery design (and starting to make it’s way into other facets of visual communication). Combine that with my love of great fonts, I would like to use “create” my own fonts to use in designs.

  8. Ashley commented //

    I would love this! I’ve been collecting a bunch of motivational/happy quotes that I would love to make pretty and display.

  9. chel commented //

    I would journal like mad and incorporate writing into my paintings!

  10. Chantel commented //

    I would send more handwritten notes to friends scattered throughout the country!

  11. Kanani commented //

    Oh my! I’ve been a Letter Girl fan for a while now and would LOVE to win the class! I’d use my “new and improved” lettering skills for all sorts of crafty goodies!

  12. Shelley commented //

    With more confident hand lettering styles I’d love to integrate hand drawn words into our greeting card designs.

  13. Lenore commented //

    I would love to hand-letter! I am a manager at a cafe, and I want to use some hand-lettering skills to really make our menus, window displays and door signage pop! I also have a million journals I need to write in, but hold off on because my hand-lettering isn’t what I want it to be. πŸ™‚

  14. Sarah commented //

    Love this! I would incorporate my new and lovely handwriting into my stationery and invitation designs for sure! πŸ™‚

  15. Mary commented //

    I love handwriting and hand-lettering envelopes and notes. I’ve recently used hand lettering for some wedding collateral and will be using my calligraphy skills for 60 menu cards for a Williamsburg, VA wedding. I’ve also taught calligraphy classes at a golf college which was a unique use of my hand writing skills. I’d love to continue to teach hand-lettering and it’s use in graphic design.

  16. Leigh commented //

    Even though I’ve always been told I have great handwriting, I never use it on my own projects. I think this course would give me the confidence to take the leap!

  17. Kelly commented //

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for — thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to make the envelopes for my handmade cards beautiful!

  18. Catherine commented //

    I would love this! I love handwriting notes and I write and draw in journals for my two kids as keepsakes. I’d love to improve my handwriting a bit. Thanks!

  19. Abby commented //

    wow! what an amazing give away! I L.O.V.E to hand letter but I can not write in cursive for the life of me. I adore writing little notes and designing precious invitations but lack the elegant calligraphy that would put them over the top. I feel these tips and a self-paced workshop (HOW AWESOME!) would help me to develop these skills. Thanks so much!

  20. Latoya commented //

    First of all, I love hand-lettered items – I used my skills on all of my wedding invite envelopes and on menus for dinner parties. With honed hand-lettering skills, I would add hand lettered paper goods as a new offering for my event design company.

  21. hillaryaryn commented //

    as a stationery designer, i hand draw and write all my own AnxiousAlphabet greeting and note cards.

    i love my handwriting just as it is now, but i LOVE learning new techniques i can then incorporate into my designs.

    check out AnxiousAlphabet @

    xo hillaryaryn @

  22. Susie commented //

    Sweet! I would love to improve my writing and address envelopes to spread a little good cheer and sunshine through the mail….

  23. Lynne commented //

    I love nothing more to handwrite letters, address envelopes, etc….they are always a suprise to people when email is so easy. I would love to make all of my correspondence even better!

  24. Anna commented //

    I live a long way from Mum, it’d be great if I could hand write her some letters that were both legible and beautiful!

  25. Nicola Jones commented //

    As a web designer – I’m working on screen all the time. I’m currently teaching myself calligraphy as a contrast to my day job and this course would compliment that perfectly.

  26. Mary commented //

    I would start handwriting my recipes that I send to friends!

  27. torrie commented //

    honestly, i would do EVERYTHING hand-written, whenever i could get the opportunity. i’ve been looking for information on this so i can learn and practice new styles just for fun!

  28. erin marie commented //

    i would use my skills to write beautiful letters to my fiance as he goes through navy boot camp in june….and then hand address our wedding invitations, of course. πŸ™‚

  29. Whitney Pennington commented //

    I’d LOVE this. I would hand-letter my letterpress photopolymer designs.

  30. sharon commented //

    i love writing and given the chance, I’d hand-letter everything — letters, packages, correspondence and even writing checks…

  31. isabel commented //

    i always handwrite on my layouts !!

  32. Jill commented //

    I have been an lover of hand lettering and am always looking to refine my craft of it. I love and celebrate all hand lettering and would love to attend this workshop.

  33. Deanna commented //

    LOVE hand-lettering. I would really love to get better at it to incorporate more lettering into my design work.

    Thank you!

  34. stefanie commented //

    I would love this to help improve my writing so that I could use it on handmade cards! It’d also be neat to someday create a font!

  35. Stephanie Bird commented //

    I love all things typography and would love to learn how to better my own handwritten typography. I would use this on everything. This is such a great idea.

  36. Katie commented //

    I’m a graphic designer, and would it more freely in my work. No more searching for the perfect font!

  37. anne marie commented //

    i would use it everywhere – to address invitations, to send letters in the mail, to adorn presents. i love all things hand-lettering – coming up with different fonts and ways to write.

  38. Arlene commented //

    People always tell me I have nice handwriting but I want to make it like the awesome things I see on blogs like this!

    I’ve tried finding calligraphy books but all of them are old and not youthful and fun, like Gina’s looks to be. I would use my newly gained skills in everything from birthday cards I write to making my everyday notes look 100x better.

    Plus, when I get my own apartment, I want to make art projects for the whole place and think hand written typography would make the place a lot more personal!

  39. Tracy Osborn commented //

    Wow, all the things I would do.

    – Address invitations
    – Running giveaways for WeddingInviteLove or posts on my own blog, I’d love to handwrite the blog post titles.
    – Heck, a whole website using hand-lettering.
    – I love hand-making books, this would be awesome to go with it.
    – I did a print-making workshop and made some cards, would love to enhance them.
    – I could go on and on…

    Crossing my fingers!

  40. Jenna @ Heartcarry Press commented //

    Awesome! I’d love to start incorporating hand lettering into some of our designs- I play around with it all the time but it’d be so cool to have guidance πŸ™‚

  41. Nikki commented //

    I am a huge fan of lettergirl and have a few of her stamps. Though I write more letters than the average bear, I would probably write even more with improved hand lettering skills, as well as scrapbook. I absolutely do not scrapbook because I detest my handwriting, and don’t like the feel of computer-printed text in scrapbooks.

  42. Erin Green commented //

    I would use my new hand lettering skills to improve my letters to my daughter Nia. Her father won court custody and lives with her 2000 miles away. I miss my 7 year-old girl terribly and send her letters often. She loves it when I make cute cards and drawings to send to her. Hand lettering skills would really make them something special.

  43. linda commented //

    I love traditional handwritten correspondence…and living now in Italy, I have more reason to do so for friends and family back in the USA. But my messy handwriting is often a deterrent… with better skills, I would write more letters and journal on my scrapbook pages instead of typing everything!

  44. Rachael commented //

    As a graphic designer and crafter I would love to have hand lettering skills. If I could I would hand letter addresses on envelopes for weddings, create fancy lettering for design projects!

  45. randi S commented //

    I love to write in journals and write letters. it would be fun to have a really cool handwriting style to use!

  46. Tamara Skinner commented //

    Oooooh, what wouldn’t I do with hand-lettering! Two things that quickly come to mind: I would love to be able to address envelopes for the wedding invitations I design and create my own typefaces for my work.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  47. Sarah Jay commented //

    I would use more of my own handwriting on my paper crafted greeting cards instead of stamps.

  48. Kate S commented //

    I would use more of my own handwriting on handmade cards and in pages for my classroom – instead of stamping or printing things. I’d love to take this class!

  49. Maple commented //

    I’d calligraph my own wedding invitations and start my own hand-lettering business!

  50. Sam commented //

    I can’t tell you have many pages in my sketchbook have been filled with attempts at calligraphy and other hand letterforms. I am so incredibly passionate about art, design and crafts and this would be an amazing opportunity for me. Great idea for a giveaway!

    I would of course incorporate my improved lettering skills into many of my stationery designs, as well as hand-address envelopes as a service if I ever master calligraphy and develop a personal style.

    Thanks for opening up the opportunity for this!

  51. Ruth S commented //

    I would love to have better hand lettering skills to incorporate into my custom maps and invitations!

  52. jen {fuzzy sushi} commented //

    I would love to add that extra bit of artistry to envelopes in my personal correspondence and in the packaging for my shop!

  53. Lindsey commented //

    I love a good handwritten note. I would love to be able to address envelopes and write correspondence that would be appreciated for its artistic look as much as the thoughts behind it.

    Thanks for the chance!

  54. Mikaela @ HungryFoxPrint commented //

    i do a lot of hand lettering in my work- in fact it’s my signature- so i need to be the best I can be at it!

  55. Megan commented //

    I would definitely write more letters! My handwriting is sometimes only legible to myself, so it would be great to write special notes that the recipient doesn’t have to decode!

  56. kayla commented //

    I love to incorporate more handwritten typography in my work as a designer!

  57. Monique Alaniz commented //

    I would love to improve my hand lettering skills for two uses:
    1) to bring into my day job working for Roadtrip Nation, I work on our public telelvision series graphics and like to bring up the personal touch level of the lettering.
    2) to bring into my personal graphic design/letterpress work and again add a more personal touch!

  58. Sara commented //

    I would love to have cute handwriting that I could use for the goods I sell in my shop! I dream of having cute handwritten labels for all my items one day…

  59. Debra commented //

    I began with graphic design because my ideas cooperate better with the computer than the pen. Would love to learn to control my lettering and love the look I create with a pen!

  60. JGT commented //

    Oh my, how nice. I would love to improve my handwriting skills to at least “eligible” level. I enjoy writing notes to others and sometimes I have to scrap an entire note and start all over because I can barely read it myself. This would be a fun and worthwhile class.

  61. Sarah commented //

    Would love to further incorporate hand-lettering into my greeting card designs <3

  62. Morgan Louise commented //

    If I had better hand-lettering, I would work on developing more hand done logos rather than relying on fonts as much. Everyone loves a logo with some hand-drawn flair!

  63. sprite commented //

    i would get a giant whiteboard for my office to write my to-do lists, and everyone walking by would see not only how busy (and therefore indispensable!) i am, but also what lovely handwriting i have!

  64. jenn commented //

    this is a really cool idea for a class. I’d love to improve me handwriting skills for personal correspondence, decorate packages, and to draw on my chalkboard placemats πŸ™‚

  65. Jessica commented //

    HMMMMM…where do I begin…I LOVE letters and writing! I think handwriting is just so personal and special. With neater writing, I would be able to offer my handwriting services to clients for addressing envelopes and such, I would also use my skills in some new invitation and stationery design…and it would help me beautify my newest goal of writing 2 letters each week.

  66. Emily commented //

    ooooooh, love this idea!! i could definitely use some pointers. i love to hand-address envelopes and hand-write labels and i would use my own writing more in my crafts if it looked better!

  67. Lindsay Zogas commented //

    Awesome!! I design custom wedding invitations and would love to improve my handwriting for the items I mail and notes I write!

  68. Jamie commented //

    I would love to learn hand lettering! I love to write thank yous and just because letters. Hand lettering would take them to the next level. I could also incorporate it into some of the artwork I do!

  69. Paulo commented //

    I love to write letters to my family and friends, and always hand write labels and letters.

  70. La zaz commented //

    LOVE letters, love to-do-lists, love labels : i hand-write always and everywhere. But sometimes, when i love a font, i use my computer.
    Thanks for the chance.

  71. Mandi commented //

    I’d incorporate hand lettering into my graphic design more! I’ve been trying on my own but could really use a teacher!

  72. Denise M commented //

    I love my handwriting and I want to use it more! Thanks for the push!

  73. Lauren commented //

    Oh wow – this is a dream! I’ve been wanting to take a class like this for years, but never can find the resources πŸ˜‰ I’d love to incorporate the improved lettering in my personal correspondence, as well as my crafting! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  74. Amy commented //

    I would love to improve my technique so I would not have to rely on always using a pencil when lettering by hand. I would definitely use my better-honed skill to write random notes of kindness, to send a smile when someone least expects it or encouragement when someone needs a hug.

  75. Ellen commented //

    I love the idea! I have a calligraphy book and many pens and inks but I never seem to do it right. I think (and I hope) these tips will help me. I’ll use it in envelopes, labels, crafts, cards, letters, anything and everything!

  76. Stephanie commented //

    I would love to better my hand-lettering skills for my handmade cards!

  77. Rebecca commented //

    I really hate my handwriting, so I would love some help with it! I love the look of handwriting on my layouts and cards, but think mine detracts from the overall beauty of it! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  78. elizabeth t commented //

    oh wow what a great workshop! i would totally write real letters more often, but even more – I’m hoping to get married soon and it would be amazing to have prettier handwriting to address all those invitations!

  79. Alice C. commented //

    I like my handwriting, but think it’s kind of plain/boring. I am planning on learning calligraphy this summer and this workshop would be so much fun!

  80. kishya commented //

    I always take time to hand-write a note or card. I think it helps people feel special and helps me really clear my mind and think about those who I care about and are thankful for. Plus, I get to buy cute cards (Yay!). The only problem is I HATE my handwriting. I write like a doctor. Blah. πŸ™

    What a great giveaway!

  81. LisaT commented //

    Would love to win this! I am ripe for a new learning experience. I would use the knowledge gained to fine-tune my designs and ilustrations

  82. kali commented //

    Sounds like a great course! I would use handlettering more in my design projects.

  83. April T. commented //

    I would write more letters, and not so be self concious about my messy thank you notes.

  84. Taylor commented //

    I have been wanting to take a calligraphy class, but they all just seem so stodgy. This sounds like a great alternative to finesse my handwriting while still keeping it looking like my own! I think it would encourage me to use more handwritten elements in my design work and rely less on typed fonts.

  85. Katie commented //

    Since I was little I have practiced my handlettering…I just knew if I practiced hard enough it would get better; it has improved some but still not good. I would love to take this class so I could become confident when I write letters, and maybe after, my writing would match my personaity!

  86. Amy N. commented //

    Where do I begin? I don’t really like my hand lettering. I work in an office where I have to write labels and signs and things like that, so it would be useful there. Also, I like to scrapbook, but I don’t write a lot because I don’t want to see my hand lettering next to all of the pretty pictures.

  87. Gina M commented //

    I work in hospice and part of my job is writing a lot of very personal correspondence to the families I work with or have worked with in the past. I would love for them to receive something absolutely beautiful in place of my inconsistent, somewhat out-of-control, “printwriting.”

  88. Cassi commented //

    I would love to improve my script for scrapbooking. This workshop sounds just like what I’ve been looking for!

  89. Melinda commented //

    I would love to have more confidence in my handwriting, sometimes it is a bit this way and that way! I hand address all of my packages, which I love to do and to have them looking sweeter would make me so happy.
    I would also enjoy learning about pens themselves – which are the right ones for the job etc. My fingers are crossed.

  90. Louisa commented //

    On lettergirl’s website, I saw a stamp that said ‘A year from now, you may wish you had started today’.
    Well, a year from now, I would love to be able to create beautiful envelopes, gift cards, tags, even shopping lists! This will make me enormously happy, and hopefully enrich the lives of anyone I send things to. It is the simple things in life, like a beautifully written address that can lift the spirit.

  91. Mika commented //

    My improved handwriting would be put to good use sending more handwritten notes in the mail. There’s nothing quite like a personal letter these days!

  92. CraftyCatAZ commented //

    I am head over heels for all things hand-lettered! Unfortunately, I am not head over heels with MY handwriting. I would LOVE, luv, Luv this class. I would like to do more handwritten journaling on my scrapbook projects and LOVE my handwriting rather than cringe at it!

  93. Linsuzz commented //

    Letters to create words are such beautiful design elements that often get forgotten. I am a big fan of the hand lettered look and would love to learn more!

  94. Carrie commented //

    I would make all my friends jealous and send them lots of handwritten notes in fancy writing…and probably offer to address my cousin’s wedding invitations πŸ™‚

  95. Lisa commented //

    I would address my save-the-dates and wedding invitations…and make my paperwork much more fun!

  96. Susan commented //

    I would write all over my newly painted chalkboard wall!

  97. Jessa commented //

    This sounds like so much fun. I love calligraphy and lettering and it would be awesome if I loved my own!

  98. Jane commented //

    I would use it for cute handwritten cards and tags to add to my etsy shop- that I am currently redoing. And consistency in my handwriting would mean I could use it more in my custom work too.

  99. Marlo commented //

    I already attempt to use hand lettering whenever possible – invitations, envelopes, greeting cards. I think I would create more original lettering as art, and probably make some prints!

  100. theresa commented //

    I’ve had a passion for letters since I was a little girl. I used to trace beautiful letters but when I’d show my mother she’d say, “that is not art darling, why don’t you draw something else?” I believe that beautiful letters are art. I would make beautiful letters to share with the world!

  101. Erica commented //

    I would use it in my graphic design work, where I create print ads and web marketing material

  102. Rachel commented //

    I would finally be able to impress my first grade teacher!!

  103. cristalle stutrud commented //

    I have a small jewelry company and we offer complimentary hand written gift cards for our customers. I would love to improve my hand lettering for these notes! Also, I am hoping to hand address the envelopes for my wedding invitations!

  104. Johanna HΓΆrrmann commented //

    I would love to expand my writing skills regarding writing with different pens and brushes and yes, create a line of hand-lettered paper objects for my future shop!

  105. Andria commented //

    I’d love to be able to add handwritten sentiments to the cards I make!

  106. Sandy Waltuck commented //

    omygosh – I have been scouring books and websites this week for handwriting tips! I love my handwriting, but as I get ready to address MY wedding invitations I wish I could make it fancier, or “bigger”and i know i just need to practice with some good tips. I would definitely incorporate it into my work, stationery design and art,