Lauren Gregg Nerdimals Prints

Okay, I think that I’m running out of walls on which to put all of the fantastic prints that I covet. My latest loves are illustrator Lauren Gregg’s Nerdimals limited edition prints and, well, you just have to see them to know their awesomeness! There’s the Record Store Nerd, the Mac Nerd, the Classic Nerd, the Knitting Nerd, the Trekkie Nerd, the Band Nerd, the Star Wars Nerd, the Grit Nerd, and the Dungeons and Dragons Nerd. Do you identify with any? I’m probably the Classic Nerd, though if I knitted I’d totally be the Knitting Nerd!

Just a few of my favorites:

Lauren Gregg Nerdimals

Lauren Gregg Nerdimals

Lauren Gregg Nerdimals

Lauren Gregg Nerdimals

images from Lauren Gregg

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