Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap Prints

Jessica Hische Daily Drop Cap Prints

Fantastic news for those of us — myself included, of course — who have been swooning over Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Caps for months: you can purchase full alphabet prints or prints of individual drop caps from her shop!

Jessica Hische Daily Drop Cap Prints

She’s also recently created a letterpress version of one of her alphabets, which is almost too much for my letterpress-loving heart to handle. This one’s definitely on my ultimate letterpress wishlist.

Jessica Hische Daily Drop Cap Prints

images from Jessica Hische

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4 comments on “Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap Prints

  1. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    I need to purchase the letter “V” to add to my “V for Vale” collection! Thanks K for the post 🙂

  2. Dorkys commented //

    Oh too pretty! I’ve been using her drop caps for months too. They come in so handy when I can’t find just the right image for a post. Seeing the full collection on page is awesome. I see a couple I’ve used in the past!

  3. Jeanelle commented //

    so cool looking, love the poster 🙂

  4. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    So creative… and beautiful!!

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