From the Shop Friday : Glitter and Embossing Supplies

I’ve been giddy since I finally purchased the Martha Stewart glitter 24 pack several months ago, and I’m always trying to find new projects that I can glitter with all of the pretty colors. And then I found the metallic embossing powders, which are equally awesome. Several shades of glitter make their appearance in my recent projects, including the glittery Elvis peacock and 13 Days of Halloween countdown calender, and I’ll undoubtedly be showing you some metallic embossed projects soon, too!

This week’s From the Shop Friday features a few of my must have tools for glittering and embossing. I must say that the ballpoint glue pen is one of my favorite crafty finds in a long time. I’ve been using that little thing everywhere!

Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Embossing

Shown above, clockwise from top left: Martha Stewart Glitter 24 Piece Set, Martha Stewart Ballpoint Glue Pen, Martha Stewart Metallic Embossing Powder Set, and Martha Stewart Embossing Stamp Pad.

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