Elvis Inspired DIY Printable Peacock Prints and Cards

DIY Free Printable Peacock Print

Did you know that there’s an entire week dedicated to Elvis Presley? I didn’t know until recently, but it makes sense. I mean, he is The King, after all. Since we’re in the middle of Elvis week right now — it’s August 10-16 — I thought I’d celebrate by creating an Elvis-inspired DIY.

Elvis Peacock Jumpsuit

image credit: Huffington Post

I’m partial to early Elvis myself, and I’m not a big fan of bedazzled jumpsuits as a wardrobe choice for men, or anyone, for that matter. However, some of the late ’60s / early ’70s Elvis jumpsuits have decorative elements that are quite inspiring. I took my inspiration for this craft from Elvis’ peacock jumpsuit. It was his favorite performance costume, which is no surprise. C’mon, it’s a glittery peacock! And it sold for $300,000 back in 2008, making it the most expensive piece of Elvis memorabilia sold at auction.

Peacock Illustration

My peacock is much more stylized than the one on Elvis’ jumpsuit, but I just had to glitz it up with a little glitter. I used Martha Stewart glitters (a recent crafty splurge) in Florentine Gold, Verdelite, and Lapis Lazuli to embellish the peacock, and I used a ballpoint glue pen, also from Martha, to create areas for the glitter to adhere to. Download a greeting card version of the peacock, which is designed to fit a standard A6 envelope, or a decorative print version that you can decorate and hang on the wall. You can glam yours up with as much glitter as you’d like, or you can leave glitter-less. In the top photo in the post, I printed the peacock onto Khaki cover stock from Paper Source.

Peacock Details

As you can see in the top left image, the glue lines from the ballpoint glue pen spread a bit after they were glittered. They were a bit wide for my liking, so in the final print I didn’t glitter any of the lines in the image. The top right image illustrates what the glue will look like when you apply it. It only took a little squeeze on the pen to get just the right sized glue dots. And, after your glue dots are in place, it’s time to apply glitter. I did one color at a time, let it dry completely, tapped the excess off onto a piece of paper, and used a small paintbrush to brush off any stray glitter.

Happy Elvis Week!

images from Kristen Magee / Elvis jumpsuit image from The Huffington Post

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  1. Ann Martin commented //

    What a great design, Kristen – thanks so much. I’d love to try my hand at quilling it one day soon, but I really like your glittery dots idea too.

  2. designjr commented //

    Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and method 🙂

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