Foreign Language Letterpress Cards

Foreign Language Letterpress Cards

If you’re looking for lovely letterpress cards in French, Hebrew, German, or Greek, then Concrete Lace has you covered. Their foreign language occasion collections feature thank yous, birthday wishes, congratulations, and more everday greetings in four languages, and the style of each collection is inspired by the culture represented. The ornate illustrations and transparent white inks used in the Hebrew and Greek collections are so lovely, and I’m digging the cheery yellow and orange palette in the French collection and the colorful, folk art-inspired illustrations in the German collection.

images from Concrete Lace

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2 comments on “Foreign Language Letterpress Cards

  1. Sarah commented //

    These are so pretty!!!!

  2. Concrete Lace commented //

    Wow! What a great surprise. Thank you for the write up and appreciation.

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