Fomato Greeting Cards

Fomato Greeting Cards

Hee! Okay, if you like hilarious, sometimes irreverent, greeting cards, then you must head over to Fomato. As soon as I saw all of the anthropomorphic food, I knew that I’d love their cards, which are not only extremely funny, but educational, too! For instance, did you know that potatoes are more closely related to eggplants, tomatoes, and bell peppers than they are to yams and sweet potatoes? Your friends will be very appreciative when you give them greeting cards that make them laugh AND teach them all about cheese, potatoes, samurais (this one is too funny), The Nobel Prize, and tyrannical rulers.

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Fomato staff, too.

Fomato Greeting Cards
Fomato Greeting Cards
Fomato Greeting Cards
Fomato Greeting Cards

images from Fomato

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5 comments on “Fomato Greeting Cards

  1. alena commented //

    i LOVE fomato cards! everytime i see them in a store, i have to buy a pile of them. they make me laugh out loud. by myself. like a crazy person. 🙂

  2. wishful nals commented //

    haha love these!

  3. Bonny Smith commented //

    okay – the samurai one is hysterical – especially on the inside.

  4. Ashley commented //

    I bought one of Fomato’s cards recently for a friend’s birthday. I LOVE them! Really hilarious. I spent a while in the store reading just about every one they had.

  5. Natalie commented //

    These are so funny! Thanks for the great link!

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