Elizabeth Olwen Gift Wrap Designs for Impression Originale

Based in France, Impression Originale has an absolutely gorgeous line of gift wrap designs by artists from around the world. It’s very hard to pick favorites because there are just so many wonderful wrapping papers in their shop, but I’m particularly smitten with these lovely designs by Elizabeth Olwen.

Elizabeth Olwen Gift Wrap Designs for Impression Originale

Each high quality sheet of wrapping paper from Impression Originale features the signature of the artist who designed it, and the wrap is printed on 100% recycled paper, so it’s beautiful AND eco-friendly, too! They ship internationally, so gift wrap lovers around the world can create stunning gift packages with the wraps from their shop. And each of their commissioned artists will receive a percentage of the profits when you purchase their gift wrap designs, so you’ll be helping independent artists when you shop at Impression Originale, as well.

Check out all of the gorgeous gift wrap designs from Impression Originale right here.

images from Impression Originale

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