D.L. & Co. Stationery

I was already familiar with D.L & Co.’s insanely decadent scented candles — the scents, the packaging, the design, oh my — but they design stationery, as well. In keeping with their m.o., their stationery is also insanely decadent…and slightly macabre. Absolutely fabulous, and a visit to the D.L. & Co. website is a must!

D.L. & Co. Calligraphy Dove Note Cards in a Black Resin Box
Flourished Calligraphy Dove Note Cards w/ Black Resin Correspondance Box
D.L. & Co. L-O-V-E Birds Stationery
L-O-V-E Birds Stationery (perfect for Valentine’s Day, no?)
D.L. & Co. Little Skull Stationery
Little Skull Stationery

D.L. & Co. stationery can be purchased at Figments and Unica Home.

images from D.L & Co.

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