Dear Santa, My Font Wishlist is Long-ish…

East Slant Font Free

Yes, Santa, I know that my font wishlist is always insanely long, especially now that I’m keeping better track via the Fontly Five. But I’ve really, really tried to be a good girl this year, so maybe you might even consider tucking Cyclone or Brownstone into my stocking? I know, I know, that’s a lot to ask, but several of the fonts on my wishlist this year are on sale, and a few are even free, like Easy Slant (above) by Cameron Blazer of Cottage Industrialist (by the way, congrats on your releasing your first font, Cameron!), so all you’ll have to do is put them onto a flash drive for me, easy peasy.

And, if you really don’t want to lug around all of those fonts, Santa, then a gift certificate from MyFonts would be very welcome, too. Oh, and you might want to exclude, uh, Liebe Erika, Verna, Ht Libreria, HT Pasticceria, and Changing, even though they’re on my list, because, um, I may or may not have kinda sorta bought them already because I wasn’t able to resist when I was putting together my letter to you. Thanks, Santa! I’ll be leaving you at least a dozen cookies and a big, cold glass of full fat milk this year as my way of saying that I think you’re the best!

Wishlist Fonts Typefaces

Shown above: Monroe by Daniel Hernandez / Sudtipos; Liebe Erika by Ulrike Wilhelm / Liebe Fonts; Dynatomic by Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung / PintassilgoPrints; Manicotti by David Jonathan Ross; HT Pasticceria by Ryoichi Tsunekawa / Flat-It; Raleway by Matt McInerney (free download); Somewhat by Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung / PintassilgoPrints; Museo Slab by Jos Buivenga / exljbris; HT Libreria by Ryoichi Tsunekawa / Flat-It; Karnak Pro Complete by Steve Jackaman & Ashley Muir / Red Rooster; Mountains of Christmas by Crystal Kluge / Tart Workshop (free download); Verna by Emil Karl Bertell / Fenotype; Coquette by Mark Simonson; Piel Script by Ale Paul / Sudtipos; Dearest John by Outside the Line; Changing by Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung / PintassilgoPrints; Josefin Slab by Santiago Orozco (free download); Steinweiss Script by Michael Doret / Alphabet Soup

images from Cameron Blazer / MyFonts / Veer / Fontshop / Google Font Directory

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3 comments on “Dear Santa, My Font Wishlist is Long-ish…

  1. Christina commented //

    Yay, glad to know I’m not the only girl who wants fonts for Christmas!

  2. Devon commented //

    Where can I find the adorable wingding like font under easy slant at the top?

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