Dan Stiles

Dan Stiles

Printeresting has excellent coverage of Flatstock 24, which was held at this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) design conference, and the gig poster fangirl in me is in full swoon over a number of poster artists whose work they’ve featured, including Dan Stiles. I love, love, love his graphic style and use of color and would probably buy a copy of every one of his gig posters and art prints if I had more wall space and my wallet would allow!

Dan Stiles

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4 comments on “Dan Stiles

  1. Monkey Mind Design commented //

    Love it, love it, love it! Great style and yes, love the use of color and overlapping color!

  2. Monsterscake commented //

    So colourful, i like it!

  3. Vink Design commented //

    It’s colorful and uniqe! His graphic style is stunning!

  4. Erik commented //

    So cool to find another Dan Stiles fan! Apparently we think on similar wavelengths (or are addicted to the same blogs) because I did a quick post on Dan Stiles too. hope you like it! keep up the good work!


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