Beautiful 2018 High Note Planners + Calendars

Calendar and planner season is upon us and, if you’re looking for something new for 2018, then you’ve gotta check out these beautiful 2018 High Note™ planners, calendars, and desk pads from Seller’s Publishing, which feature gorgeous artwork, lettering, and pattern by Elizabeth Olwen and Jill De Haan. These beauties are sure to brighten up the coming year!

Beautiful 2018 Planners & Calendars by Elizabeth Olwen & Jill De Haan for RSVP (Seller's Publishing)

images from RSVP

Letterpress Calendar of Jewish Holidays

Letterpress Calendar of Jewish Holidays from Jewish Food Hero

You’ll have no need to Google the exact dates of this year’s Jewish holidays with this lovely letterpress calendar of Jewish holidays from Jewish Food Hero. The holiday calendar displays the 16 major Jewish holidays with beautiful custom icons and the holiday beginning and ending dates for 2016/2017.

The calendar is letterpress printed on thick, luxurious linen paper, and you can see the gorgeous texture in the detail shots below. It’s so beautiful that you’ll want to put it on display, and it also makes a unique and special gift for hostesses, schools, and synagogues. The calendar would also make an  ideal L’shanah Tovah gift for Rosh Hashanah, which starts this year on the evening of October 2nd.

The letterpress calendar of Jewish holidays will be on sale through October 12th, and you can pick up yours right here.

Letterpress Calendar of Jewish Holidays (detail)

Letterpress Calendar of Jewish Holidays (detail)

Letterpress Calendar of Jewish Holidays (detail)

images from Jewish Food Hero

Fox & Fallow Spring / Summer ’16 Collections

Fox & Fallow 2017 Summer Vibes Calendar

The National Stationery Show is less than a week away and, even though I won’t be there in person, I am SO excited just thinking about all of the wonderful paper goods that will be on display!

Stationers like Brisbane, Australia-based Fox & Fallow (booth #1545) are most certainly adding to my excitement, with three collections that will be launching at the show, including the awesome Summer Vibes collection, which features a perfect pastel palette, totally tubular geometric pattern, holographic foil details, and ’80s-inspired illustration. How rad is that calendar (above)?!

In addition to the Summer Vibes collection, Fox & Fallow will also be launching Aloha, which has a lovely, tropical vibe, and Totem, a must see for anyone who loves chic, modern paper goods. The full launch includes four calendars; beautiful, fabric covered journals plus a 2017 planner (Fox & Fallow’s first!); clip board packs that include super cool, engraved clipboards and cedar wood pencils; and an array of goodies with holographic foil details.

I’ve gathered just a few of my faves from the new collections below, and be sure to keep your eye out for all of the fantastic, new paper goods over on Fox & Fallow.

Fox & Fallow Spring / Summer 2016 Paper Goods & Stationery Collections

images from Fox & Fallow

Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages from Damask Love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages from Damask Love

Did you know? Coloring is just a little bit of a thing now. Just a little bit. So, break out your crayons (or colored pencils or markers or … well, you know what I’m saying), because my latest k.becca collaboration with Damask Love will have you coloring up, down, and all through the year!

The free printable Calendar of Ridiculous Holidays features a different wild and wacky holiday in illustrated form for each month of the year, plus a list of additional cray-cray holidays that you can celebrate during said month. You’ll find everything from pancakes to pretzels among these free printable calendar coloring pages, and you’ll easily be able to tell that I had a blast illustrating every little drop of maple syrup and grain of salt.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Damask Love and download your free calendar!

image from Damask Love

25 Totally Craveable 2016 Calendars

This year, I decided to do my calendar roundup a little bit differently than I have in past years. Instead of a series of smaller posts, I’m doing one big, huge, mega roundup of totally craveable 2016 calendars. These are the designs that made me do a double or triple take when I first spotted them, my absolute favoritest for the coming year … of the designs that I’ve seen. I’m sure I’ll spot 25 more immediately after I post this. Always happens. Every single year. Anywho, I hope that you’ll spot some designs in this bunch that instantly catch your attention, too!

25 Totally Craveable 2016 Calendars

1. Plane Paper 2. Becca Stadtlander for Anthropologie 3. Wild Ink Press 4. Fox & Fallow 5. 1canoe2 6. Rifle Paper Co. 7. Pei Design 8. Idlewild Co. 9. Eva Black 10. Lettered Life 11. Telegramme 12. Mr Cup 13. Becca Cahan 14. Deborah van der Schaaf for Flow 15. Paweł Jońca 16. Fox & Fallow 17. Papio Press 18. 55 Hi’s 19. Julie Cone 20. Driscoll Design 21. Katharine Watson 22. Sugar Paper 23. 1caone2 24. Oip’s Store 25. Lauren Hom for Abrams

images from their respective sources