2015 Calendars, Week Four

This week, I’m rounding up a tasty group of food and drink-themed 2015 calendars that will surely get the cravings going. You’ll find a little bit of everything, from Asian veggies to illustrated tablescapes from around the world to all things shaken and stirred, in this yummy collection!

Food & Drink-Themed 2015 Calendars

Above, clockwise from top left : Rigel Stuhmiller // Early Girl Letterpress // Little Low // Pinwheel Print Shop // Lou Paper // Red Cruiser

Food & Drink-Themed 2015 Calendars

Above, clockwise from top left : Red Cruiser // The Little Canoe // Lucile’s Kitchen // Creative Lab

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2015 Calendars, Week Three

2015 Calendar Designs

The awesome 2015 calendar designs continue in this week’s roundup, which includes wonderful, illustrated calenders, as well as calendars that feature pretty, modern pattern and type. Here, check ‘em out!

2015 Calendar Designs

1. Leah Duncan 2. Rob Ryan 3. Idlewild Co. 4. Mademoiselle Yo 5. Pressbound 6. Studio on Fire 7. Ilee 8. Erin Vaughan 9. Monkey Mind Design 10. Katie Daisy

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Cobalt Blue Letterpress from Karolin Schnoor

Perpetual Birthday Calendar | Karolin Schnoor

My eyes lit up the moment I saw these beautiful, new letterpress goodies from Karolin Schnoor. The colors in this collection are absolutely gorgeous (the cobalt blue is so wonderful!), and I’m loving the sweet hand lettering that can be found on the new thank you, birthday, and baby cards, not to mention the totally craveable perpetual birthday calendar (psst … great gift idea alert!).

Check out all of Karolin’s new paper goodies right here.

Perpetual Letterpress Birthday Calendar | Karolin Schnoor

Cobalt Blue & Teal Hand Lettered Letterpress Birthday Cards | Karolin Schnoor

Letterpress Baby & Congrats Cards | Karolin Schnoor

Cobalt Blue & Teal Letterpress Thank You Cards | Karolin Schnoor

images from Karolin Schnoor

2015 Calendars, Week Two

2015 Calendars, Week Two

I’m all about patterns, shapes, and painterly landscapes this week, and my calendar picks reflect this, with designs featuring bold, modern botanical patterns, gold foil stamped lovelies, layered laser cuts, and painterly pickles.

2015 Calendars, Week Two

1. Curious Doodles 2. Linda & Harriett (Gift Wrap) 3. Rifle Paper Co. 4. Darling Clementine 5. Khristian A. Howell 6. My Mind’s Eye 7. Julia Kostreva 8. Dozi 9. Ferme à Papier 10. Linda & Harriett (Letterpress)

2015 Calendars, Week One

Woo hoo, it’s calendar season!

I’m approaching my calendar roundups a little bit differently this year and, instead of having several roundups each week, I’ll be featuring my top 10 calendar picks of the week each Tuesday from now until, well, until I run out of craveable calendars. All of my top 2015 calendar picks, plus additional design picks, will be included in the 2015 Calendars Collection, so be sure to check back during the week to see the new additions.

And now, without further ado, here are my top 10 calendar picks for week one:

2015 Calendar Picks, Week One | Paper Crave

Above, clockwise from top left : Carol Farrell // Ditto Ditto Works // Stationery Bakery // Paper Lovely Press // Print Smitten // Clouds of Colour // mmmMAR // Hello Small World // 1Canoe2 // Blackbird Letterpress

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