25 Totally Craveable 2016 Calendars

This year, I decided to do my calendar roundup a little bit differently than I have in past years. Instead of a series of smaller posts, I’m doing one big, huge, mega roundup of totally craveable 2016 calendars. These are the designs that made me do a double or triple take when I first spotted them, my absolute favoritest for the coming year … of the designs that I’ve seen. I’m sure I’ll spot 25 more immediately after I post this. Always happens. Every single year. Anywho, I hope that you’ll spot some designs in this bunch that instantly catch your attention, too!

25 Totally Craveable 2016 Calendars

1. Plane Paper 2. Becca Stadtlander for Anthropologie 3. Wild Ink Press 4. Fox & Fallow 5. 1canoe2 6. Rifle Paper Co. 7. Pei Design 8. Idlewild Co. 9. Eva Black 10. Lettered Life 11. Telegramme 12. Mr Cup 13. Becca Cahan 14. Deborah van der Schaaf for Flow 15. Paweł Jońca 16. Fox & Fallow 17. Papio Press 18. 55 Hi’s 19. Julie Cone 20. Driscoll Design 21. Katharine Watson 22. Sugar Paper 23. 1caone2 24. Oip’s Store 25. Lauren Hom for Abrams

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2 comments on “25 Totally Craveable 2016 Calendars

  1. Caitlin B (Lettered Life) commented //

    Thanks so much for including my calendar in your roundup!! So honored!! 🙂

  2. kristen commented //

    You’re welcome, Caitlin. Thanks for stopping by!

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