Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages from Damask Love

Free Printable Coloring Calendar Pages from Damask Love

Did you know? Coloring is just a little bit of a thing now. Just a little bit. So, break out your crayons (or colored pencils or markers or … well, you know what I’m saying), because my latest k.becca collaboration with Damask Love will have you coloring up, down, and all through the year!

The free printable Calendar of Ridiculous Holidays features a different wild and wacky holiday in illustrated form for each month of the year, plus a list of additional cray-cray holidays that you can celebrate during said month. You’ll find everything from pancakes to pretzels among these free printable calendar coloring pages, and you’ll easily be able to tell that I had a blast illustrating every little drop of maple syrup and grain of salt.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Damask Love and download your free calendar!

image from Damask Love

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